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Wow, great execution and punchline. Its so simplistic and thats what makes it hilarious, btw, whoever were your voice-actors are gods because they sound just like mario and luigi!


It was pretty good, your drawing is definitely up there with some of the better anime flash artists. I would reccomend a couple things however.

A) Add buttons, buttons are easy to program and are going to help you BIG time in the long run, just start by adding next buttons and a play button in the beggining.

B) Sound, the more senses you invoke the better your flash, adding buttons makes the viewer feel more connected to the flash and sound adds more fun to the process. Always go with songs that fit your flash well. (It can be anime songs just not the really high pitched girls singing them, just a thought :D)

C) I would consider, and only consider this because al styles are different, but I would suggest not using so many lines in the neck and making the eyebrows a little thinner. Only suggestions, you don't have to.

These are only suggestions but I still want to tell you what you have here is pretty good, put a little more effort into it and it will come out even better! ^__^

One of the best flash yet!!!

Wow, this is such an awesome flash. So great, I joined newgrounds just so I could tell you how awesome it is. I do anime style flash too, and you either make the best thing ever, or its horrible. This was great. For a split second at the point where there is a close-up of adam's eyes and its all shakey, I thought I was watching real anime since it was so good. Awesome job dude, keep it up,

teh-mobile-sponge responds:

Haha Awsome, thanks a bunch man, I couldn't put it better myself :D

I am a flash animator like pretty much everyone here, except my work isn't good enough to be posted here yet. I'll keep practicing and hopefully get something good someday soon. I draw anime flash right now.


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